Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★★

Far from Ridley Scott's best work, but there's no denying the scope and extreme visual flair of this exciting biblical epic, which looks ravishing in its 4K release. Ridley Scott is one of only a few directors who could've made this work. There's a lot of elements at play, and despite a few things working against it, Scott keeps it together and delivers a pure eye candy interpretation of Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt.

It does feel a little generic at times, maybe because Scott had been there/done that by this point in his career, but maybe it's just the material, which lags and lulls in places. I don't know. I had to break this up between two nights, but it was an enjoyable December watch. I like to break out the biblical epics in December. Watched via 20th Century Fox 4K UHD Blu-ray, personal collection.

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