Tenet ★★½

I felt it was time for a second watch, as seeing a film in the comfort of my own home (and with the hype died down) can add new dimensions and/or revelations to a viewing experience.

But my opinion of this mess is basically the same. If anything, I enjoyed it even less.  I struggled to stay interested, struggled to get through it. Yes, the action sequences are exciting, yes, the cinematography is crisp and tight; but I find it difficult to give a shit about any of it. There’s absolutely no heart in it.  It’s boring and needlessly confusing and feels like an expensive car commercial. I’m sure in time it will be regarded as a cult classic or misunderstood masterwork. A lot of people apparently love it already. But I just don’t see it. It’s a rare misfire from the director, and I probably won’t watch it again. Watched via HBO Max streaming.

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