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  • Roar



    I didn’t watch this movie, I witnessed it. As in one day I could be called into court to corroborate the fact that it exists.

    Everything about its production and execution is baaaaaazonkadonk! How no one died is miraculous. 

    What’s really unnerving isn’t just how many animal attacks on the cast occurred, 70 total because none of the wild cats was goddamned trained, it’s that there is no plot to speak of. What that means is we slowly move through…

  • Batman



    Trying to solidify my feelings on this movie once and for all. I’ve listened to a number of podcasts about it recently and what inspired the revisit was getting a better understanding of Burton’s core concept: that Bruce Wayne was insane and haunted with no real coping mechanism. Not only does it inform decisions in Keaton’s performance, but makes the double feature with Birdman REALLY fascinating. 

    Also understanding the context of Hollywood at the time of Batman’s release, and how little faith most had in it while others championed it from unlikely places, it really is triumphant.

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  • Creed



    No, YOU’RE sobbing and clutching YOUR very confused infant son. Cooglar crushes and for the first time in his entire career, Stallone brought tears to my eyes. Champion level storytelling.

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    One of the strangest films I think I've ever seen. The implications made by Korine's "Girls Gone Ridiculously Wild" conceit seem very straightforward, but the stylistic choices challenge knee-jerk assessments as to its true intentions. Franco's performance is spell-binding. I'm gonna need a second, if not also third, viewing to really make up my mind.