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Since “Man of Steel” has had somewhat controversial opinions, I decided to make the review a little bit different. This time, I will not only say my opinion but also I will quote other people whose opinions I agree or just want to argue about the topic. Some of this people are Letterboxd fellows and some of them are reviewers I follow elsewhere. Also, I intend to talk a little bit about the very important Easter-Eggs by the end of the review. But, if you don’t want the information, I’ll let you know with a spoiler alert when I begin to talk about it. You can always come to read it after you watch the movie! So, let’s begin:

The expectations
“Man of Steel is NOT the greatest film ever made, like I hoped and dreamed it would be.” (@Driver, ★★★★½ - Letterboxd) Yes, I did hoped a five stars movie and really wanted to rate this movie like so. Man of Steel is the most important film of the year to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t felt like a five-stars movie, but it is a great movie though. I do have an expectations problem. As Chris Stuckmann (YouTube reviewer) said, “I need to learn not to hype myself”.

The action
“Zack Snyder made the fighting sequences 'jaw dropping' awesome. The action is perfect, everytime Superman was flying around, beating up villains, getting beaten up, my eyes were sparkling with exciment. Faora was incredible, everytime she joined the fight I only felt sheer exciment. (..) The amount of destruction in the movie is also proportional to the power they have.” (@Daniel Rodriguez, ★★★★½ - Letterboxd) YES! The action scenes are insanely awesome! Good lord, I think this was possibly the best fight/action scenes of all time.

The missing
Man of Steel didn’t have much of emotional depth, and I missed that. Since drama is my favorite movie genre, I really rather a serious dramatic superhero movie as “The Dark Knight” trilogy than a funny-childish-commercial movie like “The Avengers” and pretty much every Marvel movie. “Some people have complained about the contemplative tone of the movie, comparing it to Nolan's vision of the Batman, but I'm relieved that they chosen to do a more serious movie, humor has been the thing I hate the most in superhero movies today”. (@Daniel Rodriguez)

Man of Steel DOES has its moments, mostly when it shows Clark Kent’s past and when Jor-El or Jonathan Kent are on the screen. But it could be more emotional, though.

The romance
“I felt the romance between Lois Lane and Superman was like instantaneous and barely developed at all.” (Chris Stuckmann, B+ - YouTube) I did felt the connection and the chemistry a little rushed between Clark and Lois. They didn’t have much time to get to know one another very well.

The flaws
“I thought the structure very problematic. The will of throwing the viewer from the beginning into action sequences (..) end up prejudicing the film. Because instead of we follow the growing of Clark Kent, his youth dramas, so we can understand the weight of responsibility and embrace him becoming Superman, these informations are thrown almost at randomly throughout the film. So, when its suppose to have the reward for all that dramatic construction, we don't feel this drama because it was not builted in a manner increasing throughout the film.” (Pablo Villaça, Brazilian reviewer)

“The movie could've turned out to be much better if (say) Chris Nolan was the director.” (@elyse, ★★★★ - Letterboxd) Well, I'm not gonna say much better, because I like Zack Snyder's style. Only better. It would be better with Nolan on the direction.

The cast
Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner were my favorite performances on the film. Like I said up there, this two actors were responsible for the most part of the emotion of the film and they did a really good job in it, especially Kevin Costner! Right after them comes Michael Shannon as General Zod. My Go.. I mean, My Zod! This is a villain! “Screaming his way through his lines with the veins popping out of his neck and forehead, I was hooked whenever he was on screen” (@Cat, ★★★½ - Letterboxd) “Michael Shannon was fantastic, he made an insane General Zod, not only was good on the action scenes but his presence was intimidating all the time” (@Daniel Rodriguez).

Henry cavil also did a pretty good job as Superman and Clark Kent. I felt him really convincing. Actually, all the actors did their best with what they were given.


Very important Easter-Eggs (spoiler alert)
The first one is the one everybody have seen in the trailers, which is the Lexcorp building. But there’s also a scene when Superman is fighting Zod, there’s a Lexcorp logo on a truck (that Zod throws on Superman).

The second one is really, REALLY important: On a satellite, there’s a logo from Wayne Enterprises upside-down that you barely can see! So, Justice League, here we go!


So, “Man of Steel” is not the perfect movie, but it is an excellent film. “Action: Good. Emotion: Could be better” (Chris Stuckmann). The Dark Knight still is for me the best superhero movie ever made. Let’s hope that Man of Steel 2 will be a five stars movie (without hyping ourselves)!

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