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I was in a dilema thinking whether I should add the movie on to my Letterboxd diary without a proper review, considering that I do intend to write about it. But since I can't write right now and I want to add this special movie here, I figure I'd write a some kind of summary, to give the least bit of opinion over this so expected film.

Spoiler free commentary -

So, The Force Awakens finally has come! And it. Is. Beautiful. There is a few.. missteps or 'flaws', with you will, that surely does not compromise the quality of this picture and what is an incredible experience to watch. Consider that no movie is perfect, no matter how much we hold on to them. And this is the beginning of a new trilogy (Era, saga, arch), so don't get tricked by your need for closure. You will get eventually. We all will.
This movie is amazing. Far superior than the prequels and puts the franchise back on track. I can't wait to see the rest of it. But until then, we sure as hell can enjoy this one over and over again.

That's it for now. Go watch it because there is a lot to talk about!

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