DC Extended Universe - Overview

The new, fresh and eccentric superhero movie shared universe by Warner Bros. and DC Comics is growing strong, despite some bumps on the road. Here's my personal ratings:

★★★★ - Batman v Superman, Man of Steel, Wonder Woman
★★★ - Justice League
★★ - Suicide Squad

DCEU Average rating: ★★★½

Overview: Whilst still too young of a franchise, the DCEU has been a refreshingly new take on superhero 'genre'. With bold, thematic, cinematic, risk-taking approaches, these films dares audiences. So it seems inevitable that it'd face negative response by a portion of them. After all, people tend to alienate what's unusual to them.

Of course, some criticism is due. These films has showed great potential and effort to bring interesting…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Man of Steel
  • Wonder Woman
  • Justice League
  • Suicide Squad