Nightcrawler ★★★★

Nightcrawler's pace and structure are simply impeccable. This has to be one of the best scripts written in the last ten years. It succeeds not just as a character piece but as an overarching commentary on modern media, people and the American Dream.

Perhaps inspiring is the wrong word to use to describe Lou Bloom, but the sense of drive, passion and optimism that Gyllenhaal portrays in the role only muddles the already questionable morals the film depicts.

The film almost feels closer to a documentary than anything else, one that builds and builds in such a fluid and seamless way that its finale truly feels momentous and critical.

Honestly, I used to think of this as something close to Steve Jobs or The Social Network. However, now, after watching it for a third time, I feel it's almost closer to La La Land. A twisted, upside down ode to ambition, chasing your dream and the idea of making it happen.

Can we make this a musical actually?