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  • The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

    The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek


    "What's the matter with bigamy?" is a Preston Sturges' all-timer.

    With Morgan's Creek and Hail the Conquering Hero coming out in the same year, Sturges sure socked GI's entitlement to hero status and a woman's exaltation right in the kisser. And America's stunted mommy-isms in Hero and daddy-isms in Morgan's Creek. Eddie Bracken starred in both as the good-natured guy who can't man up like society wants him to.

    However, the reason I really like Morgan's Creek is the Kockenlocker…

  • Hail the Conquering Hero

    Hail the Conquering Hero


    Patriotism is difficult. It goes hand in hand with nationalism and superiority. It easily shifts to a statue business, or a halftime show (don't get me started on the millions of imbeciles who are incensed at the NFL players' anthem protest thinking they're actually protesting a song or flag; the "you don't love it then leave it" patriot is the worst of the lot. Those who want to improve a country desire to out of love for the country. Loving…

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Goddamn it's gorgeous and I love the slow pacing and much respect to Denis Villeneuve/Warner Bros in allowing people to walk across entire rooms instead of cutting to the next thing just like Ridley Scott did to build the mystique of the replicant/human co-existence.

    However it's less interesting after Harrison Ford has his entrance and it has to become a sequel, including a few unnecessary callbacks (+Jared Leto) and then it rushed to a typical tentpole climactic showdown that wasn't…

  • Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

    Professor Marston & the Wonder Women


    Rebecca Hall is so freakin' good in this. The music and pacing is pretty maudlin standard biopic formula, but there's something fun about applying the standard biopic uplift to a throuple that raises kids together and ties each other up. It's essentially three different movies in one because everything is very interesting: lie detector, throuple, bondage. It might've been a better TV show than movie—because the story from beginning to end over 60 years, is pretty remarkable, but a two…