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  • Deep Cover

    Deep Cover


    “Money doesn't know where it comes from, but I do. If I keep it, I'm a criminal. If I give it to the government, I'm a fool. If I try and do some good with it, maybe it just makes things worse.”

    Deep Cover starts and ends with blood money. Crumpled and ugly, handed over. Director Bill Duke and Laurence Fishburne, who plays an undercover cop, charge head first into a Deep State drug conspiracy. "Follow the money" is not…

  • Morvern Callar

    Morvern Callar


    Morvern Callar has one of the bleakest cold opens of any film. We see the titular woman (played by Samantha Morton), as she wakes up with her boyfriend dead from suicide on the floor and a computer screen that says "READ ME." The note instructs her to "be brave" and to send his novel to various publishers he's listed. That's the plot portion of the opening, before we even get there we lay with Morvern on the floor, her fingers…

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  • Nixon



    What makes Nixon really work is the attention to what made Richard Millhouse Nixon a driven politician, his chip on the shoulder. From a poor grocer family, his lack of an Ivy League education, and no family connection just hard work—this also what drove his immense paranoia and imposter syndrome. His political strength was his psychological weakness. And though, in flashbacks, his family uses "thee" and "thy" to harken the biblical and Shakespearian undertones to Oliver Stone's approach, this does…

  • Matilda



    What I wouldn't give to have Danny DeVito and Embeth Davidtz read aloud all the Miss Honey thirst reviews on Letterboxd. Happy Pride!

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  • TÁR



    To give a hint at what's special about TÁR you needn't look further than the opening credits. The opening credits start backwards with members of the crew that generally are at the very end of the end credits, like catering and production units and assistant editors. This is a movie about how an ego can grow too big and turn to manipulation when one role gets too much credit in a collaborative field. An orchestra is like a film set,…

  • TÁR



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Now that it's out wide, I can say — while TÁR goes hard — I didn't want to go too hard on her in my initial review out of Venice. Many critics forget that we walked into the screening with only a teaser of Cate Blanchett blowing smoke while some lines from the movie (and brief images from the movie that weren't even in it) were overlayed. The movie doesn't say "cancel culture," "#MeToo," or "identity politics" or any of…