Always Be My Maybe ★★

Rambles among all awkward with few jokes landing and then Keanu Reeves arrives and everyone’s tapped in and the joke batting average gets into crazy high percentage and from that point on the characters actually have some chemistry. It’s like Keanu needed to arrive and give a shot of adnernaline to all involved. OR his cameo is why everyone signed up for this gig. 

Anyway, it’s a formulaic and paint-by-numbers rom-com that truly made me cringe from jokes that weren’t landing until Keanu showed up to order a meal that came with the soundtrack of the animal’s slaughter playing in the headphones for a more personal relationship with the meal.

I like Ali Wong. But the Netflix rom-com renaissance isn’t really clicking with me yet. It just feels like TV pilots at feature length but there aren’t multiple seasons to get into character grooves yet so it’s the trial run pitch. I’ll keep trying. But I keep feeling duped

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