Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

The CDC laughed at me because my first trip to the theaters in 15 months was for a Zack Snyder zombie movie.

And I laughed back because the zombie apocalypse started from road head.

The first 10 minutes are so much better than the over-stuffed bloated bore that barrels down the road thereafter. Too many characters, a lot of silly asides and indulgences, and in dire need of trimming the fat. It's somehow both over-indulgent and incredibly thin.

It was nice to not look at my phone for 3 hours inside a theater again, though. I even got to whisper “please put away your phone” to someone two rows ahead! I didn’t put on pants and pay for pay for parking to see the glow of your email scroll! Alas, I think Army of the Dead would be better on the screen at home while liking tweets. It’s shockingly dull and the effects and camera work are very blah.

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