Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★

Charlie Kaufman’s multiverse-Tree of Life, if made for Adult Swim
The feminine urge to eat a bagel. Whatever it is it comes out like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - an alive diversion that doesn’t hit the emotional notes and gets repetitive on the rest.

I was absolutely giddy for the first hour, something I’d like to bottle for an energy drink. Everything Everywhere is overlong and reaching for some pathos that doesn’t feel genuine but more like an attempt to ground the insanity with spelled out motives (practice patience and kindness and everything shall pass). Everything Everywhere All at Once works best as a multiverse marriage of expansions and retractions - shared memories, disappointments, parallel lives - and then it becomes about mother-daughter bridges. In fact, the mother-daughter arc isn't too far removed from something like Inside Out — even though the daughter beats some people to death with huge, floppy dildos. But it is constantly inventive, ridiculous, and the sheer number of inserts/locations/costumes to pull off the concept are beyond commendable. Michelle Yeoh is great.

TikTok is gonna eat this up with out-of-context usage.
See it on the big screen with a crowd.
There's a lot in this blender and it has lots of nutrients — even if they’re liquified by the end.

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