Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Subtract one star for Chris Frantz ignoring David Byrne's earth tone color palette by starting the film in a distracting turquoise polo (such a drummer move!). Add that star back for Frantz's impassioned vocal performance on "Genius of Love" (I never knew he was the James Brown guy!!).

What a joy from beginning to end; in concept and commitment. I'd seen clips but never watched the whole doc and it really is best taken in as a whole, what a complete performance.

I was introduced to the Talking Heads via an unlikely source: Carmen Sandiego. I played the desktop game Where in the World/Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego? all the time and I don't remember if it was her or one of her thief henchmen, but one of the dossiers listed Talking Heads in their dossier for favorite music under "clues." I learned so many cities from that game but the Heads was probably the biggest takeaway. I have so many great memories with friends and my wife set to their music. They are a community spirited band and that comes across in spades here.

David Byrne gets points not just for the concepts and his jogging but also just for how well his vocals carried with such an energetic performance. I've been to so many rock n roll shows in my day (really the only reason why I hadn't seen this in its entirety before) and it's the one music genre where the vocalist generally pales in comparison to the toolbox available in recording sessions. Damn perfect, even when could've been winded. (Though my favorite moment of his is probably when he grabs the fretboard of Alex Weir's guitar so they could smile at each other mid-song.)

Also points to Tina Weymouth for making standing in one place moving side to side for an hour look like the most fun and endearing thing on the planet.

Pure joy! Big suit! Truly fitter, happier, and more productive than any other concert film I've seen. This reminds me why I dance like David Byrne.... I was a short guy for years, entered high school under 5-feet, junior year at 5'3" and then by the end of the year I was 6'1" and I dance like a short guy if he were to grow overnight. I think the big suit made me think of that, I used to wear baggy ass clothes to make me look bigger than I was but it had the opposite effect. Then all the sudden I was all legs, no torso, and loved to move 'em like noodles!

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