Tesla ★★★

I like the Brecht-ian injections in Tesla much more in theory than in practice. But in using them—the "this didn't happen" hat tip to nonsense, fourth-wall Googling, lack of location dress-up for biographical trappings and instead using projections, all serving the purpose of dismantling biopic formulas—for the portrait of a man whose forward-thinking theories have granted him cult status... it seems ok to appreciate the theory of why Michael Almendraya approached certain keystone moments regardless of their outcome. Hawke is great as an unfeeling bulldog, whose very nature and lack of ability to promote himself is what makes his internal life unnavigable. Thus needing extra cheerleading effort from outside forces in the 21st century (Christopher Nolan, Elon Musk) and in this film, from his unrequited should be lover (Eve Hewson) to the filmmaker himself. Feel like I gotta sit on this a bit but I can recommend it. Right after I Google when the ice cream cone was invented (1896) and how a vacuum cleaner manufacturer is the great challenger to Tesla for the next wave of electric cars.

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