The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★½

The structure of The Irishman is quite amazing. In the middle you essentially have a standard Teamsters movie, but it's bookended by Robert De Niro's ramblings about how the best hot dogs in Philly are made, the size of a guy's ears, etc. because ultimately it's about how no matter how big your life feels when you're living it, we're all going to be telling stories to whoever the hell will listen by the time the end approaches and everyone else has died. And it's those aside details that endear us to others, particularly when we're aware that we need endearment.

Still, this grand canvas has proven to me that it's easier to pay attention to any length of film 90 minutes or 3.5 hours, in the theater and not at home. Had to shove my phone in a drawer like it was contraband and the warden was approaching.

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