Sucker Punch ★★★★★

A lot of people hate on this film, and yes it won't win any oscars, but what a fun intriuguing movie

Yes it's like a video game mixed with a music video, what's wrong with that? Loved the cast, the 3 levels of the story telling was a really cool twist, very inception like. It def made the movie more interesting and more then a cheesy action film with hot girls.

The action cg and cinematography are sick, any guy should love this movie on those reasons alone, plus the girls are hot.

This was billed as Snyders girl 300 which I think was spot on, the thing that separated 300 and SP was that he played on a real story with the persians.

Fun movie with some ridiculous action visuals and cg, and with a great cast made up of some really hot girls, just a fun ride!