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  • My Mighty Princess

    My Mighty Princess


    Director Kwak Jae-young was coming off three successful films when he directed this one - the incredibly popular My Sassy Girl, The Classic and Windstruck. Two of those starred Jun Ji-hyun who the actress of this film reminded me of a bit in looks. Which is a good thing. This feels like a step down from those three but it still is reasonably entertaining even if totally schizophrenic. The first half is a full on barrage of cuteness like someone…

  • Armageddon



    What a muddled mystifying mess of a movie this is. An absolute head scratcher - but not in a good way - but more like I can't believe a fair group of talented people made this. They came to work each day and went home I expect thinking they were making a good movie - or at some point did they just go what the hell - we have a malformed mutant baby on our hands - let's just throw…

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  • Vice Raid

    Vice Raid


    When I was about 10 years old in 1963 living in a suburb of Washington DC I knew nothing about sex, breasts and women. Some might say that was still true 55 years later. It was a working class suburb that was slowly changing into a more affluent neighborhood with government workers moving in and building new bigger residences or renovating the old houses that were prevalent. It was a good place to grow up with enough empty lots still…

  • Studio 54

    Studio 54


    When I moved to New York City in the late 1970's there were two iconic clubs that everyone knew about. One was the disco Studio 54 and other one was Plato's Retreat, a sex club. Both opened in 1977. I tried once getting into Studio 54; I didn't with Plato's! I like thousands of others failed - turned away by a doorman with a discerning eye for straight squares like me. I was a member of the Bridge and Tunnel…