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  • Star in the Dust

    Star in the Dust


    The last thing you might expect to find is Mamie Van Doren co-starring in a traditional Western from a major studio. But here she is as pristine as a cool mountain stream. And she is fine. At this time she was an up and comer at Universal and it would not be for two years before she started appearing in the slightly raunchy films from Albert Zugsmith. Once she did that pretty much was the end of her mainstream career.…

  • The Falcon in San Francisco

    The Falcon in San Francisco


    The 11th film in the Falcon series and a very solid one. It is directed by Joseph H. Lewis who was later to direct the low budget cult classic Gun Crazy. He does a fine job here keeping the plot moving, throwing in a few twists, doing some location shooting around San Francisco and giving the film a touch of noir. At one point the Falcon (Tom Conway) takes a beating that is pure The Glass Key or Murder, My…

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  • Young Sherlock Holmes

    Young Sherlock Holmes


    Thirty-five years after seeing this last, I still found it delightful. A fanciful and affectionate re-telling of the first meeting between Sherlock Holmes and his faithful scribe Dr. Watson. But in this version they meet at school as teenagers. In the many telling's of that fateful meeting in the books and film they met much later as adults when Watson returned after being wounded in Afghanistan at the battle of Maiwand in 1880. But throw that all aside in this…

  • Song of the Thin Man

    Song of the Thin Man


    This was the only Thin Man to lose money and MGM cut its oxygen cord like a man would his rich wife's in a hospital bed. It was just as well. This is still fine but it lacks the subtle humor and energy of the other ones. Both Powell and Myra Loy look older and bored at times. They made six Thin Man films over 13 years - the last one being in 1944. Loy had been unhappy with the…