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  • Céline and Julie Go Boating
  • Boom!
  • Ugetsu
  • The Peanut Butter Solution

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  • Cliffhanger

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  • mother!


    it isn't so much that i like mother! it's more like i'm upset at my friends who hate mother! in an era of hollywood when we're not guaranteed one genuinely conversational hollywood film per year. 

    it's hella refreshing to see such an unlikable movie especially at a time when internal and external algorithms seem aimed at treating movies like they're something to decorate your apartment with. 

    ultimately i think it's like a sophomoric version of a harold pinter or edward albee play. but i'm pretty cool with that. 

    i'm not a big fan but i value mother! highly in our cultural landscape today.

  • Lemming


    i love the sound design. simple, bold, effective. it makes the spaces feel so real. and i love the production design. simple, solid, elementary colors. 

    french movies often do a better job of depicting contemporary life than hollywood films or even most american independents. if this were a hollywood film, or a sundance film, the energy would be smothered by artificiality. everything dolled up, everything is cliche. nothing would feel like a window into these people's lives. but this movie uses mundane details and quiet moments to create a world that feels real.