My Soul to Take ★★★½

Craven often oppresses protagonists in a constructed maze of stacked layers upon layers (whether it's meta, dreamic, hallucinogenic, etc) . Here he inverses that structure within the direct POV of the lead character, the narrative at the flux of someone trying to find their way out of a splintered psyche.

Though it's very admirable and ambitious, Craven does overextend. There's noticeable incongruity to the framework, even outside of how it compliments the lead's fractured mentality, and its ironic detachment with humor is... kinda off putting?

Still, really hard not to engage with the ideas here and how it ultimately makes for some really left-field mythos. Plus, it contains some of Craven's most striking visuals. Images are shattered like mirrors and the broken pieces get held up in front of its protagonist.