Baywatch ★★

No where near as vile as the reaction would suggest. It has some moments, the best being that opening, and the film is clearly going for camp, but Johnson and Efron don't have the comedic chops to carry a comedy without having a more seasoned and quit witted talent to bounce off of, plus the rest of the life guard team feels like beautiful and fit background dressing. Then we have John Bass's schlubby character that is pursuing one of female life guards. He seemed like he was going to be an extremely irritating character, especially after an extended, Farrelly Brother's esque scene of genital humor, but after that he is relegated to the background. There is some comedic talent here, such as Rob Huebel and Hannibal Buress, but they are poorly utilized.

I did laugh at several moments, especially every time Johnson referred to Efron as High School Musical or N'Sync, I just think with a couple more drafts of the script, surrounding the leading pair with some more comedic talent and turning up the camp could have really elevated the film.