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This review may contain spoilers.

I was drawn to Day of the Dead because of its plot which interested me the most out of Romero’s first 3 zombie films and have read that it’s the darkest so here we are. And I have to say there’s a lot of great scenes and ideas here- from the social commentary to the imaginative special effects and entertaining acting from Joe Pilato. However the pacing isn’t great and there are some irritating characters and actors who weren’t so good to say the least. I admire Romero and Savini and co for utilising everything with such a low budget but the escape through the cave system towards the end felt like a scene from a B movie and was a little distracting, & having it set in one location with a couple of hordes of zombies backs this up. I read that Romero intended it to be on a grander scale but who knows what it might have been like then? It may have hindered big chunks of the film,  because it is a creepy setting after all.  Also some of the zombies reminded me of the Michael Jackson Thriller video but I guess that’s a compliment to them. Unfortunately I couldn’t take certain scenes as seriously as I should have though.

But my favourite aspect of the film was the experiments with Bub and the other zombies and Dr. Logan’s idea to domesticate them so we can co-exist. Bub was my favourite character and the films ending was very well done. 

But the more I think about it the more I like it. It’s a real human tradegy as our ignorance and lack of co-operation will be our downfall.... Sound familiar? I will see how it holds up on a rewatch

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