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  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


    Dot dot dot

    Tim Burton ranked

    After watching this now I wished I saw more brilliance but I don’t, I have a lot of nostalgia but it’s not enough for me to love it, but I feel like Tim Burton could’ve really delved into Willy Wonka’s character (I don’t think it should be), but he could’ve made it very deep instead of boring and cliche, but I like the idea of how he just became a child as an adult…

  • Tom Papa: You're Doing Great!

    Tom Papa: You're Doing Great!


    Just a really good stand up special.

    Netflix proving again that they’re the bomb at comedy specials with Tom Papa: you’re doing great! being a great special having pretty fun jokes along with good points of view of life.


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  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog


    It’s like Sonic 06, but actually great.

    Yes, I kind of loved this way more than I should’ve but it was so goddamn sweet and everybody in the cast is wonderful with Marsden being layered, Ben Schwartz literally becoming sonic, and Jim Carrey giving his best comedic performance with almost all of his jokes landing. Along with that it’s a really sweet story about friendship and family and I loved the trees, I know that’s weird but it reminded me…

  • Anomalisa



    Well anomalisa is anomalisa and Charlie Kaufman is back at it again with those hard to spell titles.

    This is an incredible creative stop motion film that encapsulates the monotony of life sometimes is really well with great voice work, directing, that really pulls you into what it has to say.

    Not quite as good as synecdoche, New York though, I still love it though.