F9 ★★★½

It’s F9… what do you want me to say? It’s fun, it’s a great time, it’s dumb but I love it. It’s not perfect , some scenes could’ve been better or just cut all together (a lot of the flashbacks.) I also feel like they rely to much on Roman being a comic relief, he’s much better than that. Han didn’t disappoint, neither did the new characters. I especially like John Cena’s Jakob Toretto and Anna Sawai’s Elle are standouts. 

With this installment I realize that this is one of the only franchises that I genuinely like all of the characters in here. Yes, some more than others. Han, Roman, and now after this installment Ramsey are my favorites, but all of them are good. This film even made me like Sean. That’s a big accomplishment.

They also go somewhere that’s never been explored before and it’s fucking awesome

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