Fantasy Island ★½

Yeah, this was.... not good.

Daily horror hunt June 2020 Day 24. I have yet to watch anything that came out in 2020 - let's fix that before the year is half over. Watch anything with a 2020 release date.

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I am glad I watched the unrated cut because I think it’s much better than the theatrical one would’ve been.

The whole thing was just ehhhhuggghggh.

Far from the worst thing ever but it has no rules, awful cast (expect for Michael Pena which isn’t very good but he’s fine), uninspired technical work, boring narrative, not scary at all, I suppose some of it is so bad it’s good and again it’s not the worst ever it’s just kind of a nothing movie. Me watching Alexandra Daddario movies is very different than Lucy Hale movies. Lucy Hale just wears me out and she does nothing for me as an actress.

I’ve never watched the show so I can’t judge that but as a movie it isn’t very good at all.


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