Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★½

This is basically the back to the future 2/empire strikes back of Halloween movies. Bleak, dark, at times really hard to watch, but a complete masterpiece. Possibly the scariest out of the whole franchise, truly unlike any movie I’ve ever seen. I really don’t know how to put all of my thoughts into a review right know but I loved nearly every second of Halloween Kills. I’ll be seeing this again fairly soon to go into my thoughts a bit deeper, but it’s an incredible look into what this one evil man has done to a whole small town. The film brilliantly highlights how good having a community passionate about something can be but also how destructive the mob mentality can be and can get to the levels of evil they’re combatting. Damn, other than this, I’m kind of at a loss for words. Fuck man. In a few months time, expect James A. Janisse’s longest video ever.

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