Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★

24 hours later...

At first I tried to watch this in one sitting, then after an hour, I realized that wasn’t possible. So I watched it in spurts for 24 hours. I’m still so exhausted after.

I respect Sion Sono’s passion with the film and from a strictly filmmaking perspective, this is maybe a 4 star film. It’s direction, cinematography, editing, scoring, acting, etc. is pretty strong. But unfortunately, I don’t rate films on how well they’re made, I rate them on how I enjoyed them and what I got out of the film, I got very little out of this.

It’s basically just bad people doing bad things for 4 hours straight. I did get some enjoyment of it every now and again and I liked how dark it got while still being funny. So the occasional enjoyment I got along with the strong filmmaking gives it a rating up to 2 stars and I respect Sono’s ambition, I’m still hyped for his film coming this year starring Nicolas Cage, I feel like they could balance out their madnesses well. I’m also glad many people enjoy it so much, it just wasn’t for me at all.

It’s definitely possible that I’m just a dumb american and this flew over my head, I will admit that it was definitely too much for me. At least I can say I’ve seen it I guess.

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