Tenet ★★★★

ATTENTION: MY PREVIOUS REVIEW WAS COMEDY AND NOT SERIOUS, I WAS JOKING ABOUT IT SUPPOSED TO BEING RELEASED ON JULY 17 (it was like a review from another world), it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously so I’m sorry if you did.

But I really saw tenet today and I’m honestly not quite sure what to say. I really liked it. It’s really unique for Nolan and he really experiments and a lot of it works for me, some of it falls flat but the strong majority I really liked.

Things I liked-visuals, acting, direction, story, not being too confusing, sound (other than the punches which were kinda bad). I could hear everything characters were saying and Nolan left a good silence other than dialogue in some scenes. I feel imax or enhanced sound could be the problem in this circumstance.

I could delve deeper into certain aspects but it just came out so I think it’s best to go in knowing a bit but not too much. There’s really awesome twists here and manipulation of time. Also this could’ve just been me but I swear I saw Kate Micucci in one scene. Was it her?

Very strong film by Christopher Nolan and I look forward to watching it again in a few months when it comes to blu ray.

Also one more thing. If you’re only seeing this because of Michael Caine, don’t see it. He’s only in it for 5 minutes but otherwise I think everybody interested in it should check it out at some point whether it be in theaters or later on.


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