• Breakfast



    Pretty much the best thing ever made.

  • The Consequences of Feminism

    The Consequences of Feminism


    This is so mind blowing for 1906. What Alice Guy does here is so amazing and shedding light on important issues so long ago and I think it should definitely be checked out and I’m interested to see some more of Alice Guy Blache’s work now.

  • Tank Girl

    Tank Girl


    Pretty bizarre and trashy in the John Watersish way. It kinda reminded me of Josie and the pussycats in mood and tone (not quite as good though), pretty enjoyable but I totally get why someone would hate it.

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


    Literally the best thing ever. I don’t and will hopefully never have any problems with the great pumpkin. Absolutely timeless.

  • The Addams Family

    The Addams Family


    Basically the equivalent of staring at a saltine cracker when you’re starving. There’s no satisfaction to it, it’s just kinda boring, annoying, and lame.

  • Lost in America

    Lost in America


    Lost in America I guess you could say is Albert Brooks’ first mainstream large budget film but thankfully, it’s pretty amazing. Definitely the funniest of the films yet. 99.9% of the jokes and satire lands. Brooks and Julie Hagerty have great chemistry and they bounce off of each other so well. Both of their characters are very interesting and I cared scout them and was interesting in where they would end up. The sound track is amazing, the cinematography and…

  • Easy Rider

    Easy Rider


    Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda are just dudes being dudes in the country on their motor bikes listening to Steppenwolf then Jack Nicholson comes around and they all get high. Cinema!

  • The Rite

    The Rite


    What the fuck?

  • Modern Romance

    Modern Romance


    Like taking a bite of a boutique dark chocolate bar with 83% cocoa, the bitterness and darkness that Albert Brooks goes, but also 17% sweetness and heart and comedy/satire Albert Brooks applies. Absolutely exquisite.

  • Halloweentown



    Not high art. It’s predictable, there’s bad acting, bad effects, but it’s so charming and wholesome that I can’t help but kind of love halloweentown, time and time again as I watch it every couple years.

  • Real Life

    Real Life


    Rest in power tab cola 🥤

  • Fun Size

    Fun Size


    I know fun size isn’t really a 4 star film and I could lower it later. But this film means a lot to me, it was my first “raunchy” comedy and it’s a great glance at Halloween and all the acting performances are fun and  enjoyable and overall I just like it a lot. It’s a nice coming of age film. I enjoyed a lot of the more adult humor I get now, Nickelodeon had no boundaries here which I really appreciate. Go check it out if you haven’t, I really enjoy it and I have all times I’ve watched it and it’s way overhated.