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  • Riotsville, USA

    Riotsville, USA

    "This tape is a product of the United States military and, paired with images of real civil unrest and broadcast TV journalism, uncovers the origin story of police militarization. Riotsville was erected after the uprisings of 1967 as a place for law enforcement to train and act out their fantasies of repressive state violence. The footage rolls on, and we realize we are living in the fog of that fantasy, dealing with the repercussions of make-believe as the list of civilian fatalities by U.S. law enforcement grows ever longer."

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  • My Name Is Andrea

    My Name Is Andrea

    It is early in director Pratibha Parmar’s “My Name is Andrea” when its subject comes alive in brilliant, flaming righteousness. In 1963, a young Andrea Dworkin, known as “Poet,” played in this scene by French singer-songwriter Soko, watches footage on television of Thích Quảng Đức, a Buddhist monk, setting himself on fire in protest on a street in Vietnam. She sets down her pencil and notepad, captivated. Voiceover from Dworkin herself intones, “He burned himself to say there are no…