The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow ★★★★½

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is funny and original and just as good a second time around. I love the unconventional “horror” in this film.

There’s a horrific crime to get the ball rolling, and then the audience is introduced to a slew of unlikely but likable heroes (the cops trying to solve the mystery): a divorced recovering alcoholic John, his stubborn I-Won’t-Retire father, and a young female officer Julia who is intelligent and determined to solve the crime. The rest of the cops work well for comic relief, the bickering between them was hilarious. John (our main character played by Jim Cummings, the director) particularly struggles all the way through the movie and it works — You can laugh with/at the guy, sympathize with him, and root for him too.

Great ending as well, I really love this one.

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