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This review may contain spoilers.

That first 20 minutes is the coolest shit ever. 

"I'm sure we all want to see lots of people."

I really enjoyed this. De Palma both doing what he's best at and trying out some delightful new tricks. Loved the note that you can see Romijn in the foreground right in the middle. I caught that!! I see you Brian!! I see you!!

"I love to work in bed. I bet you do too."

So much done so well. The Cannes sequence might be an all-time favorite De Palma moment of mine. I've sat in those seats! Walked up those stairs!!! Woooo!!!

I wonder when I'll be back. When anyone will! Made me both elated and slightly sad to see the beautiful place. 

Banderas is just the best isn't he. Romijn was awesome, no doubt, but Antonio is an icon. An icon!!! His character was hilarious and pretty darn titillating. To be honest this whole film was delightfully sexy, and cheeky as hell.

"Yeah, I read a lot of mysteries and I figure out the endings halfway." 

I'm not sure about the ending. This was definitely cruising in as one of my favorite later-stage De Palma's, but the final moments were a little... twee? The spikes were so perceptibly telegraphed, more than once, that it felt sort of uncreative. Also I really liked the bad guys, I thought they were cool as fuck so I didn't like to see them die!! But as a puzzle box wink-wink denouement I understand the fanciful aspects. The main, "aquatic" twist itself, though, had me right on the edge of my seat. Yes Brian, yes. 

"I'm your fairy fucking godmother."

Been really enjoying these movies, I think De Palma is genuinely my most kinsome writer/director! I wanna do that! Only a few more to go in the De Palma Parade!

And one more time, De Palma-does-Cannes was magnificent.

P.S. In prep I felt compelled to listen to The Velvet Underground's own "Femme Fatale" and then the whole album. Which was as great as I remembered it!

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