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  • Prisoners



    Sombre from start to end, a difficult watch. Although moments of suspense does make for absorbing viewing at times, it did tend to drag too much for my liking. At least it didn’t end the way I thought it would given the direction it was heading at right up to the end of the second act.

  • Okja



    Being an animal lover of course the feels are real. As a film however, there are several flaws that are hard to overlook. Very uneven, and what the hell is up with Jake Gyllenhaal’s hysterical wildlife expert/TV personality character??

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  • Soul



    Is all this living really worth dying for?

    Beautifully animated as you’d come to expect from Pixar, the film puts forth the notion that life isn’t just about finding a purpose and ticking off a checklist of things to do and achieve. It’s living itself that makes life worthwhile and finding the beauty in each moment, however mundane, that enriches the soul. Pixar’s forte are themes that are complex and relatable even to adults, and Soul succeeds in doing just…

  • The Chess Game of the Wind

    The Chess Game of the Wind


    The story behind the film’s discovery is as amazing as the film itself. Screened only once in Tehran during its initial release in 1976, the film was then pulled from theatres, banned with the Iranian Revolution of 1979 looming and thought lost...until in 2015, the films original negatives were discovered miraculously in an antique shop, and smuggled out of Iran to undergo restoration.

    A tale of betrayal and greed captured with a candle-lit grandeur that is firstly visually stunning. Some…