Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami ★½

Interspercing live concert footage from Grace Jones' latest live performance with snapshots of the great lady visiting her home and family in Jamaica, making phone calls to persons unknown, chatting with her predictably sycophantic entourage who agree with her every word like a brain washed cult, this documentary breaks every rule by providing nothing remotely fresh, interesting or educational on its subject.

The live footage is unimaginative in terms of how it's filmed while everything else remains flat, unstructured, lifeless and limp.

Director Sophie Fiennes (sister to Ralph and Joseph) labours under the illusion that getting "unprecedented" access to this great lady's life for a few weeks or so is sufficient enough and that her film will write itself - it doesn't. Instead, this is a meandering, cautious, incompetent, boring experience - unacceptable considering the reputation of it's hugely talented and entertaining subject.

If this wasn't about Grace Jones, then Grace Jones herself would likely have rocked up an hour late to it's premiere then left 10 minutes later. But it is about Grace Jones (unquestionably my favourite Bond girl with a vast array of impressive strings to her bow - not that you'd know or even sense that from here) and I'll bet a months wages she was incandescent with fury upon seeing how utterly boring this documentary makes her look. I mean, why make a documentary about a subject and never once ask a single question? Shameful really.

Still, the fee she received for her participation would certainly have helped finance the recording of her new album at the time - and it is this fact which reveals the only purpose as to why she took part.

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