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  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    me: lmao a pig who's a pilot
    Miyazaki: sending people off to war likely either kills them or creates a chasm between them and society they can never fully get over.
    me: lol *oink oink*

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Viggo is unrecognizable in his role as a sentient slice of $1 New York pizza.

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  • Meet Me in St. Louis

    Meet Me in St. Louis


    Was sorta just mildly engaged for the first half hour or so and then it gets to the turning out the lamps sequence and yep this is why cinema exists.

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    Todd Haynes took what could easily be a vegetables movie and made it tense, urgent, and riveting without feeling overly histrionic and you fools ignored it or wrote it out as authorless. For shame!

    PS: what is up with Bill Camp's eyebrows in this

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  • Hereditary



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Five Stages of Grief:

    1. Denial.
    2. Creating miniature models of your family's most traumatic moments against the pleas of your loved ones, only to then destroy the models in a panic.
    3. Hanging upside down and repeatedly smashing your head against the door to the attic while your last remaining family member begs for his life.
    4. Levitating in the uppermost corner of your attic and slowly, methodically, decapitating yourself with a piano wire while staring at your son, as nude members of your mother's coven wave at him and force him to jump out of a window.
    5. Acceptance.

  • Detroit




    Look, I'm really not the person to talk about the major issues of this film, so I'll keep this brief (you can read what some smarter people wrote about it here, here, and here). Kathryn Bigelow is still a technically exceptional filmmaker who can make a damn gripping movie, but Mark Boal's script depicts the whole situation as a horror film with almost no context of how it got to that point (yes the animation at the beginning helps…