Hell or High Water ★★★★

"You know, you talk like we ain't gonna get away with this." "I never met nobody who got away with anything. Ever"

Set in a community that was both badly hit by the recession and seemingly forgotten by the people who caused it, Hell or High Water finds two brothers committing a string of small-time bank robberies to save their recently deceased mother's farm. What starts as a Western spin on a Robin Hood tale quickly becomes something much more. Throughout their spree, the brothers are followed by two Texas Rangers (not Chuck Norris).

What works so well in this film is its resistance to creating one major antagonist. Sure, at the start we want the brothers to succeed and get away from the Rangers. However, as the film progresses we spend a great deal of time with both duos. During the inevitable standoff, it's not clear who to root for, and more specifically, who to root against.

Some of the philosophy and symbolism is a bit too on the nose, and some of the themes were expressed better in No Country for Old Men, but mostly this is an entertaining, timely and well-acted Neo-Western.

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