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  • Moulin Rouge!
  • The Neon Ceiling
  • All That Heaven Allows

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  • Mommy



    story time! mommy is my favourite film (along with moulin rouge!). the first time i saw the trailer i fell in love with it, and was especially taken with the way that anne dorval, as diane, says "les sceptiques seront confondus" in it, with such defiance and certainty. when i saw the film, it instantly became my favourite. i watched it endlessly, over and over. anne dorval's performance as diane was now solidified as my favourite of all time.


  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    rachel weisz as sarah churchill, duchess of marlborough: i have a thing for the weak.

    me: i can't stand suddenly, i don't know.

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  • 40 Carats

    40 Carats


    i attended a two hour talk with liv ullmann held by tiff last night and liv talked about this film and how fun and ridiculous it was to make. she also said that she wished she had been offered more comedies in the course of her career. the way that liv spoke about this film during the talk made me curious to check it out, and i was surprised that less than 60 people on here have even marked it…

  • Greta



    TIFF 2018 | World Premiere

    Greta is absolutely bonkers. Pure camp in every sense, and the best part is that everyone involved knew this fact and went for it full on. There are many plot points which made me roll my eyes, and this film may be objectively terrible, but my god is it ever fun to watch. I think too, seeing it with an audience, and even further a festival audience was such a key element.

    There are parts…