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  • Bacurau


    “A gente tá sob o efeito de um poderoso psicotrópico e você vai morrer.”

  • The Green Ray

    The Green Ray

    “It’s better to wait for something than settle for reality.”

    It’s rare to come across a movie that speaks to you on such a personal level – and that was exactly my experience with The Green Ray. Watching Delphine was like seeing myself on the mirror. The desire to deeply connect with others and yet not knowing how to do so, trying so desperately to fit in while still remaining true to yourself, the fear of searching, the restless quest for clarity... it is all too familiar.

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  • Winter Light

    Winter Light

    Watching a film is an incredibly intimate experience – you can’t help but project yourself – pour yourself – onto the screen. Knowing how meaningful of a project this was for Bergman made watching Winter Light all the more intriguing to me. Intriguing because, given my own relationship with God, faith and religion, I couldn’t personally relate to his sermonizing about God’s silence and religious disillusionment. I can’t possibly know what it must be like to feel as though God…

  • The Fire Within

    The Fire Within

    "The thing is... I can't reach out with my hands. I can't touch things. And when I do touch things, I feel nothing.”

    In The Fire Within, Malle paints a frighteningly real yet sensible portrait of depression and addiction through the eyes of Alain Leroy, a recovering alcoholic who contemplates ending his life but, in a last attempt at finding a reason to live, undertakes a trip to Paris to visit and say goodbye to old friends. The film has,…