Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★★★

Ladies And Gentleman,May I introduce you to my favorite movie of the year(Along With The Prom Most Likley)🤩

This movie is just phenomenal,And I am honestly blown away with what was done here🤯

Chadwick Boseman is a force of nature here and He has 2 Extremely Well acted Monologues that are for the history books,And I mean That!
He will 100% win the Oscar and it will be Deserved❤️Anthony Hopkins was incredible as well,But This is just above that slightly!!!!!!!!
I can’t think of a better last role for him than this,He will be missed.
RIP Chadwick!

Viola Davis is incredible,And she brings a lot of power to the role even I wasn’t expecting as a huge fan of her!
Now,It must be said immediately that she is clearly Supporting and putting her in lead is kind of hurting her chance for a second Oscar🤷‍♀️
She deserves to win,But With performances like Vanessa Kirby that have huge buzz and are apparently Forces of nature that are all time tier,It just feels like she doesn’t have enough to win👍
She is PHENOMENAL still❤️She is a guaranteed nomination ❤️

I also want to talk about Coleman Domingo who in my opinion gives an Oscar worthy performance as Cutler🤩
He actually blew my mind with his performance,He brings so much power and passion to this movie and I really hope he gets nominated,Because it is quite phenomenal and Impressive 🤯

The Rest of the Cast is all great and Will get this movie a Sag Ensemble Nomination❤️

The Directing in this movie is impressive!
Taking a play and making a movie of it with a unique style and vision is something we don’t see often,And George C .Wolfe does it❤️He does an amazing job and he better be nominated 👍

The Technicals like Costumes and Make up are Uo there as some of the best I’ve ever seen,And they better win them Oscars or I will throw a fit😂

Oscar Talk:
This will be nominated for tons of stuff and Here’s what they are-
Lead Actor
Costume Design 
Make up and hairstyling

Lead Actress 
Supporting Actor 
Best Picture (Please let this happen)
Best Director 
Best cinematography 
Best Sound

Yes it’s that good in my opinion 🤩

This is 100% on my favorite movies list and it’s going to be very high very quickly if the rewatch is as good as this❤️

I 10000000000000000000% recommend this movie to everyone who loves movies🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️🤩🤩👍🤯😍

It’s a modern masterpiece and I’m in love with everything about it❤️

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