Midsommar ★★★★½

As with Hereditary, I walked out of this movie listening to all the people who thought they were seeing a conventional horror movie laughing about ridiculous this was. I definitely understood where those people were coming from. This movie fully puts itself out there and embraces all the strange and messed up potential that its story has, so it's absolutely not a film that everyone will love.

Hereditary is definitely tighter from a narrative perspective and better builds tension toward its wild climax, but Midsommar carries more of an undeniable feeling of shock, chaos, and wonder, which is set center stage in its opening minutes.

The themes regarding relationships and the ensuing character work prove Aster’s mastery of not only the horror genre, but the medium of film as a whole.

The way he manages to craft sequences (in particular the dance sequence, potentially the best scene of the entire year) that are not only visually stunning, but also emotionally resonant is displayed during the entire runtime.

This movie is strange, and it will definitely turn some people off. That being said, I loved almost every minute of it, all the way through the cathartic conclusion’s last frame.

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