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    I am always awed by Peele’s style and visual directing. Thematically this is all over the place, I heard Peele began with a specific idea and had to broaden it down. A great ambition, but I wish he had been able to tighten it up, and of course balance out the humor with the realism necessary to create stakes. Because of this I felt as though I scratched the surface of a world far more interesting. So many great moments,…

  • Becket



    This script has an interesting fusion of soliloquy and prayer that seeks to deepen both and I think narratively earns more respect for both when they could have individually led to melodrama(or even worse — a Facing the Giants treatment). 

    The Hollywood epic turned into a spiritual odyssey, shows the range of stories to be told about faith, ethics, orthodoxy, and honor between this and something like Kieslowski. This one leaning towards entertaining and pleasing an audience, similar to something…