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  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life

    "How do you spell Hallelujah?"

  • It


    uhhhhhh never cried like THAT at a movie!

    some of the best written kids i've seen in a while for this type of thing. absolutely bodies stranger things in that regard.

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  • Akira


    Huge foreheads. Huge stakes. Obviously one of the best movies ever.

  • Entertainment


    Questions from the MoMA host & audience:
    "Most films follow a three-act structure, but yours seem to subvert that. What leads to this decision?"
    "What was with the baby scene, was that real? or was it a dream? It was so weird!"
    "Was there a deliberate symbolism for red & blue?"
    "I forget his name but is the actor really like that? Is he that weird?"

    In short, Rick Alverson was the only thing the Q & A had going for it.

    The movie, however, was fucking awesome.