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  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    When reporting on Nazi official Adolf Eichmann during his trial at Nuremberg, Hannah Arendt was struck by Eichmann's perplexing ordinariness. She remarked: "Except for an extraordinary diligence in looking out for his personal advancement, he had no motives at all… He merely, to put the matter colloquially, never realized what he was doing… It was sheer thoughtlessness—something by no means identical with stupidity—that predisposed him to become one of the greatest criminals of that period."

    Eichmann's plainness is a trait…

  • How to Have Sex

    How to Have Sex


    This is one of the most brutally accurate depictions of a girl's sexual-coming-of-age I've ever watched. How to Have Sex is atmospheric, horrifically relatable, and riveting from beginning to end. I love the way Molly Manning Walker imbues so much personality and joy into our main character, Tara (depicted immaculately by Mia McKenna-Bruce) - I really came to love her like a friend by the end of the film. The first half of How to Have Sex is so enjoyable…

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  • Spencer



    There needs to be a 50+ year grace period between when someone tragically dies, and when you can create fan fiction about their life. Spencer is an Aronofsky-esque take on a particularly tumultuous time in Princess Diana's short life. And while the score, cinematography, and supporting actors all deserve praise, they could not save this movie. I came away from this thinking: what a self-congratulatory, pretentious piece of filmmaking. I don't often throw the word "pretentious" around when it comes…

  • Women Talking

    Women Talking


    CW: Sexual Assault

    There's something about media which makes a point about being overtly feminist that compels us Gen Z/young Millennials to do an instant eyeroll. Feeling that these sentiments are pandering. Outdated even. A "post-Me Too fatigue" that elicits instant cynicism. I did this eyeroll when I first glanced at the posters for Women Talking.

    Then I watched the film, and that compulsion was extinguished almost immediately. Women Talking tells the story of a colony of Mennonite women, from…