The Witch

The Witch ★★★½

Horror x52 - 2018 (5/52)
#41 - Rewatch #1

After catching up with "Hereditary" I figured it was time to give "The Witch" another go; to stay in theme with the "highly rated modern horror pieces".

Unfortunately I'm still fairly indifferent to "The Witch". I've come around a little bit since my last viewing (up from 3 stars); but still don't really adore the film. It's fairly well made, Taylor-Joy gives an admirable performance as "Thomasin"; everything looks pretty good, but to me it's just not terribly... interesting.

Most of the supporting characters seem a bit overly cliche and lack depth. And there's just not that much going on throughout most of it. Don't get me wrong; I like me a slow burn, but for some reason The Witch doesn't quite seem to be hitting the spot.

It's a shame I seem to be unable to pin down more accurately what my issue with this movie is. It's not 'ye old English' that bothers me. I admire Eggers for taking the shot of having a 'period-piece' horror, and overall he seems capable at his craft. I'll be looking forward to whatever is next from him, but unfortunately I cannot rank "The Witch" as 'one of the greats' like a lot of others out there seem to do.