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  • Blok



    Polish director Hieronim Neumann's technique is certainly noteworthy in Blok, reminding me a bit of the women's jazzy "pre-breakfast scene" in Jerry Lewis' 1961 comedy The Ladies Man. Unfortunately, the theme and characters Mr Neumann used were bland Socialist residents of a common apartment house--leaving his experimental film as merely the showground for a single. complex, set-bound, tracking shot (with mechanical sfx). Shame it wasn't placed at the disposal of some good reason for its existence other than to feature…

  • Oratorio for Prague

    Oratorio for Prague


    For all the interesting and historically pertinent footage, the film itself feels punctilious yet passionless; perhaps the lack of sync sound in preference to overly-measured English voice-over eradicated any intimacy this viewer could maintain with the Czech population during the Prague Spring and its later military invasion by 4 Warsaw Pact communist countries, largely the Soviet Union.

    Although director Jan Nemec was already a seasoned filmmaker by 1968, some of his earlier camera work focusing on women's breasts and up-the-skirt…

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  • Wake in Fright

    Wake in Fright


    A behemoth. A mythic tale of almost endless interpretation and catalyst for thought. Perhaps a primer for what makes males tick down deep--somewhere primal, ruthless and untiringly perverse from our addiction to the genetic brotherhood's range of violence. Gentlemen, I offer you your peers; ladies, your fiancés.

    It isn't only Doc Tydon's "man in a smoking jacket, whiskey and soda," who succumbs to the affectability of progressive civilization, all the while hypocritically rationalizing his deepest and oldest demons--what John Donne…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon

    Preposterous, sterile and boring. A glossy hat trick for dismissal. Movie, you're fired. Even Satan hates you for being so dazzlingly superficial and Trump-like in your mocking estimations. Go, just go. Never expect the sound department to do the dramatic heavy lifting ever again. You are tongues wagging at a business meeting, each too soon made glad in attempting to find a layer of irony that will exonerate them from being tongues wagging at a business meeting. TND, your adolescent…