• Four Roads

    Four Roads


    A globally admired film director's short idyll of nature and neighbors -- or a wealthy woman's home movie clips, shot as an exercise to ease boredom during Covid -- underwhelming rose-colored glasses motif is applied while a sarabande tethers us to Old World gentility of art, poetry and love. Embarrassing piffle.

  • Splatter: Naked Blood

    Splatter: Naked Blood


    It's the same everything as Pleasure Kill (1987). Dude, that's cheating. You wouldn't like it if someone bifurcated your dick so you could have 2 of the exact same, or wait . . . maybe . . . oh, forget it.

  • Four Guns to the Border

    Four Guns to the Border


    This curious Western, or perhaps Western(s) piqued my curiousity, not by its focus of plot and resolution, but contrarily, by its range of Western sub-set scenarios which normally are featured in only one thematic film at a time.

    We have film number one:
    The Bank robber gang of unique characters committing a crime and trying to outrun the posse against desert hardship into the freedom of Mexico. Add a bitter rivalry between the alpha gunslinger and the town's Sheriff who…

  • Watu Wote: All of Us

    Watu Wote: All of Us

    From the Unicef Playhouse, where the good people are all heroic and faithful, while the bad people are cold-blooded killers with no moral fabric--capable of killing anyone caught defying their orders (AKA Terrorists). I'm sad to report that Watu Wote: All of Us (2017), is heavily ingrained with poppycock moral preaching, exerting no nuance concerning the gray areas of truth or humanity.

    This African tale, set in Eastern Kenya, was written by Julia Brache, a native German screenwriter and filmmaker.…

  • Electric Dragon 80.000 V

    Electric Dragon 80.000 V


    What ED80KV does well, it does very over-the-top well. I suppose we can call that mayhem. What is doesn't do well, it certainly exemplifies as being very not well, which I suppose we can call family entertainment. Of course, we can bring a punk attitude to it all and say, "Sogo Ishii and friends didn't care about that plot/character/narrative/arc/meaning
    crap," to which I don't object, but instead, might call studied primal untetheredness with a hint of lizard piss.

    I can't…

  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams


    Death with a nose ring. Ambitious & courageous: understandably it falls, but picks itself up, dusts itself off, and whispers Thanatology into the storm of its 2018 spyglass view of conjecture. Certainly has many stylistics to admire, but uneven in its risk-to-return mythology quotient, perhaps saving its poorest choices for the epilogue -- Starbucks' Goethe.

    The Forgotten Colours of Dreams (2018) is a large endeavor with many facets of thought and ambient expression, offering an interesting and varied score as well.…

  • Ant Head

    Ant Head


    Has that 1970's Film Forum screening look from those young Los Angeles experimental filmmakers of almost 50 years ago, when they were graduate students at CalArts, AFI, or UCLA; or worked jobs at Hollywood's visual effects firms by day and making something like ANT HEAD by night. There was a wealth of young talent doing just that, with outcomes not too dissimilar from this 2018 David Lynch piece. Almost a formal exercise in double head, single matte optical printing against…

  • KoKo's Earth Control

    KoKo's Earth Control


    Yeah, I'm a KoKo the Clown and his inkwell fan. Afraid my interior amazement at the guy's hand dipping his pen, drawing and then the whole thing coming to life--well, I'm still agog in wonder. I mean KoKo once got to kiss Betty Boop from the opening of a very phallic cannon. Now that's some celebrity clout. But here, the Fleischer Bros not only give Koko and his dog (Fitz) animated life (via rotoscope), but they allow our black and…

  • Mushroom



    I know and I don't know. But basically I don't care (I detest intentional print scratches) as if this was ever a print. Enjoyed the Yamaoka a lot. But, all in all, kind of an uneven mess shot in 2001 Glaucoma-Vision.

  • Bag



    Good unique imagery (Silent Hill 2-ish), but I found nothing that holds it together. Score wasn't in the same world as imagery--bit of a problem if we're to take this as more than a demo video.

  • Ascension of the Demonoids

    Ascension of the Demonoids


    One of the few films I've seen which would not improve with a full 8 K restoration. It's rather perfect to view Ascension of the Demonoids on dailymotion with miniscule resolution, constant ads about colon cancer therapy obscuring the top third of the image, and plenty of raster zig-zags as if electricity was being invented in San Francisco and Oakland just in the intervals when the Kuchars were filming those scenes in homage to Sun Ra, Bunny Yeager and Sergei Bondarchuk. To ask for more would be a crime of misconstrued appreciation.

  • Wolf Guy

    Wolf Guy


    Wanna see what straight guys once dreamed about when they were 15 years old--imaginative guys that is? Loaded on Sherm? It's here, it's entertaining in a multi-genre kinda way, and sports a sound track so infectiously filled with Hiroshi Babauchi synth adrenaline that Ukraine might want to look into using it when they mount an offensive to drive Russia back into Putin's backyard.