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  • BlacKkKlansman



    A fucking firestorm. As hilarious as it is harrowing. Absolutely down in the muck of our nation's politics and race issues, such that unraveling all its ideas and attitudes will take countless essays. The kind of movie that slaps you across the face - but I don't expect subtlety from Spike Lee. What I do expect is verve, style, and conviction - and Blackkklansman has it in spades.

    Some comparative minutiae: Joel McHale playing Chevy Chase in A Futile and…

  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?


    Joyful as the last day of school, cleansing as a baptism.

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  • Dinosaur Island

    Dinosaur Island

    Why no blu-ray?

    Of course this is garbage but look at that poster! That has to be worth something. Here's the thing though - someone involved in the production tried, and I suspect it was the screenwriters. Like, were they really successful? No, but at the same time there are enough quips and stupid jokes in this thing to make it watchable, and a couple of them actually made me laugh ("These women know their way around the island, we…

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Raiders of the Lost Ark


    I sound like a broken record but movies are always funnier when I watch them with a group and I never realized quite how many visual jokes are in this. The whole bit with Toht pulling out what you think is a weapon and then it's just his hanger? Amazing. My least favorite bit is still the street chase with the baskets (outside the awesome swordsman scene, obviously) because I think it's generally best when it peppers in comedy as…