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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Emo Michael Myers is the worst Michael Myers. This Laurie Strode is annoying as fuck. But most of all I can't forgive Rob Zombie for turning Sam Loomis into a self-important idiot.

  • Last Action Hero

    Last Action Hero


    Very underrated.

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  • Brimstone



    Way too long for basically a very thin story, Brimstone is a movie that thinks it has something to say, but doesn't really. Instead of using it's runtime of 138 minutes to give us fleshed out characters, it mainly just numbs it's audience with excessive amounts of violent suffering to bring a worn-out point across, which doesn't work at all.

    The events on-screen don't happen in chronological order, and this is not only confusing, but it also makes a lot…

  • It



    "It" 2017 tries hard, but fails in a lot of respects. For one, it isn't scary. Part of the reason that it isn't is because it doesn't make you care about the main characters enough. They are drawn in broad strokes, but hardly get any of the characteristics that makes them so likeable in the novel. And the changes that are made to the characters are for the worse. Beverly, who is one of the toughes and strongest kids in…