• Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Not sure why I picked this for a first date but that's what happens when you leave it to me hahaha - she really liked it :,) I haven't seen it in over a year but I can confirm, it's still currently in my Top 25 faves. Below are some brilliant things / fun details I've noticed over the years about the film, and I wanted to highlight. I was paying attention to the movie I swear.

    7 Sessions, "God…

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    For those who still haven't seen my Top 100 Favorite Films Edit on YouTube, here's the link.


    You'll notice that Inside Llewyn Davis snuck on there at the last second. I recently rewatched it, and felt so much closer to it now, and even thought it was already a 9/10 for me, I feel like this movie is only going to raise on my list as I get older. Movies like this, that make me feel comforted & held, in…

  • El Planeta

    El Planeta


    I want to preface this by saying that I know this is the Amalia Ulman's debut film, and she herself wrote, directed, produced, AND starred (alongside her actual mother). A commendable feat, no matter what the fuck I think of the movie as a whole. Critics seem to LOVE it, but a lot of people in my circle have had... mixed thoughts lol. Anyway, I think Amalia is an incredible artist (typically working in performance and installation formats) and I…

  • Beginning



    Damn. What an astonishing debut... Guadagnino said it best, "this film is a revelation" of sorts...

    Not gonna lie, the duration of some of the shots did make me drowsy at times, but especially in the case of some, that might have been the intended effect? In a weird way... I love long takes. But there's a difference between ones like this (and actually similarly used in Memoria) and with moving long takes in the works of directors like Cuarón,…

  • King Richard

    King Richard


    As a tennis player, I have to say, I am pleased by this. FINALLY a tennis biopic that has actually convincing tennis play without body doubles and fast cutting to hide poor form. The tennis in this looks damn convincing, more-so than any tennis biopic I've seen I think. So first and foremost, I really appreciated their attention to detail, even in subtle quirks, like Venus' unorthodox backhand. Saniyya Sidney was fantastic as Venus. Watching it, I was sure she…

  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Mainly went into this for Andrew Garfield. It's an incredible performance, but especially as a physical one. Would not be mad if he got a Best Actor nom for this! While there are a handful of musical films I love, I wouldn't say that love translates to musical theater as much - and this movie didn't really change that. But I will say this film succeeds in the ideas it presents, over the technical or directorial facets as a film…

  • Pig



    Really surprised by this one. End had me more emotionally invested than I expected. This isn't the John Wick-esque movie I was told about. It's a journey, sure, but the main thing I appreciated about this film was its restraint. With all the film has going for it, Nicolas Cage, the premise, and the way it was marketed, Pig almost invites you in for violence. But there really isn't any... It's a series of interactions where our protagonist undergoes a…

  • Embers


    Embers is now available to stream :)

    If you can, please don't watch on your phone, and do use headphones!
    Thank you guys for the tremendous support leading up to this release <3

    Embers was a film made in quarantine by a crew of 2, plus 1 incredible actress, over the course of several months. This was the first project I've directed with such a freeform structure. I'm definitely excited to return to a more structured approach for my…

  • Vortex



    This hits close to home </3

    Noe's most accessible and maturely directed film to date. For context, he directed this film after surviving a brain hemorrhage. The film opens to perhaps the most beautifully phrased sentiment regarding this subject matter: "To all those whose brains will decompose before their hearts."

    This film has been compared to The Father (2020) and Amour (2012) for its take on dementia, and honestly, makes for the perfect final piece in this modern memory trilogy.…

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    Aside from Spencer and Dune, this was my most anticipated film of 2021. Joachim Trier is perhaps my favorite European director working today, with personal favorites like Thelma, and objective masterpieces like Oslo August 31. This is an incredible entry to his body of work, and although it felt very scattered, from juggling so many ideas, techniques, and feelings, I feel like this was exactly his intent. This is life - people make mistakes, people make the wrong decision sometimes,…

  • Spencer



    4th viewing, 1st non-festival show.
    Confirmed two things for me. This is legitimately one of my favorite films EVER, and I feel like people have forgotten how to behave in a theater over the pandemic. If it's not a Marvel movie where you're supposed to cheer and clap, SHUT THE FUCK UP. (Ofc there are scenes in Spencer where it's totally appropriate to "aawwww" or gasp! or cry... But it's baffling to me how hard it is for some people…

  • The Sleeping Negro

    The Sleeping Negro


    Wow... I'm simply stunned at the beauty and cohesion within this film. This works on sooo many levels, it's insane. Like Taxi Driver meets Sorry to Bother You. But even then, comparing this to other works doesn't quite do it justice. The Sleeping Negro is a totally fresh vision, and offers an insane amount of perspective from multiple angles to consider, in often self aware, yet still poignant ways. The music and soundscape is lush, and full, and oozes the…