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  • Hustlers



    I came to see Wall street scum bags get owned by strippers, but I was given so much more!

  • The Silent Partner

    The Silent Partner


    Should have saved this one for Christmas as there is a lot of Christmas at the beginning before it suddenly shifts to mid-summer. The season shift is emblematic of some messy tone shifts that occur in this otherwise thoroughly entertaining bank robbery thriller. It's fairly light most of the time, but gets sleazier and gorier than you'd expect. It could be on purpose to make it a more memorable experience, but it wasn't always working for me. The set up…

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  • The Night Stalker

    The Night Stalker


    Probably could have cut 10 minutes out of the middle to smooth out this offensive as all hell supernatural thriller. Charles Napier puts his resting cop face to good use as the sweaty alcoholic detective who is sort of on the trail of the mysterious killer. Outside of some pacing problems this is a very fun ride.

  • Hologram Man

    Hologram Man


    Follows PM's regular style of blowing the entire budget on explosions and endless gunfights. This one has the added bonus of silly sci-fi cyber effects. It's only major b-movie sin is it's long run time. Yeah okay, not everything about it makes sense no matter how many scientist characters blab on incoherently. You just need to suspend your disbelief and accept that this dude has a lot special hologram powers. You don't have time to think about it anyway, Ten dudes with guns just showed up!