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  • Deadly Mile High Club

    Deadly Mile High Club


    Doug Campbell supplies us with another satisfying and entertaining comfort food thriller.
    The husband that gets stalked by his flight instructor was a total wet noodle. He's all like "whine whine whine am I even smart enough to be a pilot." His wife is super easy to impersonate when looking down from an airplane due to her distinctive hat.
    The stalker flight instructor actually kind of builds the wet noodle's confidence up in positive way that no one else in his life is.
    There is a stunt flyer in this named Gonzo Rogers .

  • Puppet Master 4

    Puppet Master 4


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Furthers the puppet master back-story as it passes the torch(pun INTENDED, although Torch is not in this movie) to a new puppet master. This is a creative and fun b-movie! We learn that the power to animate the puppets was taken from a demon(Totem) and it is angry at a young A.I. researcher who is too close to learning the secret.
    I hope that, like in this movie, the way A.I. researchers test their theories is by playing laser tag…

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  • Stalked by My Doctor

    Stalked by My Doctor


    Like the best of the modern TV exploitation movies this manages to achieve great levels of sleaze without actually blatantly showing anything on screen.
    Eric Roberts puts in an entertaining performance as the unhinged incel doctor angry he's not getting the lovin he believes every doctor is entitled to. purely trashy fun. Not based on a true story so you are free to guffaw without guilt.

  • The Night Stalker

    The Night Stalker


    Probably could have cut 10 minutes out of the middle to smooth out this offensive as all hell supernatural thriller. Charles Napier puts his resting cop face to good use as the sweaty alcoholic detective who is sort of on the trail of the mysterious killer. Outside of some pacing problems this is a very fun ride.