The Astrologer

The Astrologer ★★★★

I had heard comparisons to The Room. Which I can see because this is another amateurish movie self funded by an interesting eccentric. This didn't really leave me with the same feeling though. I think this has much more of a sense of style and feels more like an experimental film that exists in it's own wild reality.

I really couldn't suss out what was being done on purpose and what was just happening due to inept filmmaking. The jolting way it jump cuts quickly through the important globe trotting epic plot stuff, but then stops to linger on a seemingly bland moment gives this a whole weird vibe that I was enjoying. I felt like I was getting a real glimpse into the mind of the filmmaker. I think maybe this glimpse into his mind is the main goal so calling it "inept" may not be correct at all.

There is a dinner scene where an important dramatic moment is happening but the dialogue can't be heard, and the set and actions match the lyrics in the Procol Harum really literarily. I mean, that wasn't cobbled together after the fact, that has to be a choice.

One time I may have got a laugh was in the closing credits. I saw a credit claiming the theme was by Gustov Holst as if the late composer wrote music specifically for this movie, he just didn't know it at the time. Speaking of the music, I was really liking the mixture of the Holst with The Moody Blues.