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    I thought I'd absorbed an accurate sense of this movie through cultural osmosis but you really need to watch it to appreciate the extent of its cavalier attitude toward collateral damage. The whole bus thing happens after a bus already blows up right in front of Keanu. So he's just trying to keep the day's "exploded bus full of passengers" count from reaching 2 and he "succeeds" by abandoning it to drive straight into a taxiing plane that is presumably also full of people or at the very least two pilots. It's not good but it's funny

  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    Had to find something to watch with my parents and remembered my dad hyperventilating in the theater at the first jackass so I figured this would land with him and I was right. Can't really beat that

    My favorite guy is the golfer who plays along with the finger trap bit for about 8 seconds before brandishing his club as a weapon